Dec 12, 2023

A Festive Ice Cream Trio

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Wegmans (2023)
We bought three different holiday-themed limited edition ice cream flavors over the past month and each of them were incredible.  These sandwiches are the simplest of the three, but they're every bit as good as the other ones.  You can't go wrong with pumpkin flavored ice cream or ice cream sandwiches, so the combination of the two are about as perfect as a snack food can be.  I would buy these things like clockwork every November and December as long as they keep making them.

Perry's Ice Cream (2023)
This is one of the most interesting limited edition products I've come across in a long time.  Friendsgiving has an almond flavored ice cream base with swirls of blackberry sauce and chunks of sugar cookie dough mixed in.  The taste didn't really remind me of the holidays, but it was delicious.  I think this is the kind of thing that would be a big hit all year long if it was repackaged under a different name.

Cranberry Crumble
Van Leeuwen (2023)
My favorite of the three was this one, and I'm kind of surprised to say that.  Over the past few years, I've had Van Leeuwen's Hot Honey, which was tasty, but I didn't love it enough to want to buy it again.  I tried their Pizza and Grey Poupon flavors just for the sake of trying something bizarre, but while they weren't as bad as the name suggests that they're going to be, they weren't something that I'd get a second time.  Their Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream was ok for the first spoonful or two, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to eat an entire carton of it.  The worst one by far was their Hidden Valley Ranch flavor, which is by far the most disgusting ice cream I've ever eaten.

There have been other weird Van Leeuwen flavors that caught my eye at the grocery store, including Arizona Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Dill Pickle, but the Ranch one left such a bad taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively) that I didn't want to try any of them.

I picked up this carton of Cranberry Crumble because I love cranberries and it was on clearance, and I'm very glad that I did because it was one of the best ice cream flavors that I've ever had.  It's a cream cheese flavored ice cream with swirls of cranberry sauce and oat crumble pieces mixed throughout.  It tastes just like you're biting into a delicious cranberry cobbler, and it's the first one of their flavors that I've had that I would not only buy again, but that I'd stock up on just in case they stop making it.