Jun 13, 2006

Hitting Up The Secret Stash

Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash
Red Bank, NJ
We got a good night's sleep at the Red Roof Inn after averting a disastrous night at the Motel From Hell and woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to pay a visit to Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash.  The place is loaded from stem to stern with comic books, movies, books, stickers, t-shirts and tons of other nerdy merchandise, as well as displays of costumes and other props that were used in the filming of Kevin Smith's movies.  Here are some photos of our visit.

This is the back of the store.  I tried to lighten the image as best I could, but it's still pretty dark.  There are clearer and closer photos of most of the props below, but this will give you an idea of their location in the store.  On the top left, you can see the sign for Brodie's comic book store from the beginning of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.  There's a statue of Jay and Silent Bob (as Bluntman and Chronic) holding lightsabers in the Bluntmobile at the bottom center.  Off in the distance to the upper left of the statues are the costumes worn by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Dogma, and to the upper right of the statues in the far corner of the store is the Buddy Christ statue from Dogma.

This photo was taken while I was standing at the back of the store and facing toward the front.  To give you perspective of where it's at, the purple rod and white helmet that you can see in the bottom left corner of this photo are part of the Bluntman and Chronic statues from the picture above.  At the left hand side of the photo is a statue of Mooby the Golden Calf from Dogma.  Above Angie's head near the middle right of the photo are a few championship banners for the New Jersey Devils that are hanging at the front of the store near the front windows and the register.

This is a much closer photo of the clothes that were worn by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that they wore for the filming of Dogma

Angie is standing in front of the Buddy Christ statue from Dogma in the photo on the left.  She's holding a DVD that she bought from the Secret Stash.  It's the Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition which was autographed by Kevin Smith

Here is a better look at the signed Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition DVD.

In the photo on the left, you can see a massive Quick Stop Groceries sign that's above the register at the front of the store.  The photo on the right is one of the merchandise cases. It's loaded with statues, busts, bobble heads, snow globes and other similar materials that are available for sale at the store.

These are two tall glass cases that were loaded with props from Kevin Smith movies.  These weren't available to purchase, but what you see here is just a fraction of the props that were on display.  I couldn't fit all of the shelves in a single photo, so I tried to arrange the four pictures to show two of the cases (one on the left and one on the right).  There's too much here to list all of it, but my favorite piece is the "Help The Starving Babies" collection tin that Betty Amberlin used when she was collecting money at the airport at the beginning of Dogma.  She is best known for playing Lady Amberlin on Mister Rogers Neighborhood - a role that she played for 33 years, so it was especially funny to see her as a nun who was talked out of her service to the church by a fallen angelClick here to enlarge these photos.

The photo on the left is Kevin Smith's overcoat and hat that he wore when he played Silent Bob in Clerks.  He wears the hat backwards in the movie, so I never knew until this weekend that it has Felix The Cat on the front.  On the right is the hat worn by Jason Lee when he played Azrael in Dogma.

Closer photo of the Bluntman and Chronic statues inside the Bluntmobile.  I kept off and did not touch.

I'm thinking that this is either a prop from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back when our two heroes visit a Mooby's restaurant, or  a sign that we'll see in Clerks 2.  The teaser trailer for the Clerks sequel shows Dante and Randall working at Mooby's.  I can't wait to see it!

This is the Mooby's Internet Terminal statue from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.  You can see it in the scene where Jay and Bob visit a Mooby's restaurant and use their computer to visit the Movie Poop Shoot message board, where Jay dictates a response for Silent Bob to type.  The hole in Mooby's stomach is where the computer monitor was attached.

"You are the ones who are the ball lickers!"

This photo of the View Askew Productions sign came out pretty blurry, but it's too damn cool not to share.  You can also see the Brodie Bolts newspaper sign on the wall in the background, but there's a better photo of that below.

The photo on the left is the oversized cover of Variety to announce Brodie's departure from The Tonight Show (a job he gets in one of the final scenes in Mallrats) that was used in the filming of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.  The photo on the right shows the front register with the framed Soviet hockey jersey hanging on the wall above.  This is either the one that Randall wore when they played hockey on the roof in Clerks, or a screen accurate replica.

This is the bag that Angie got with her DVD.  They also gave us this printout that they keep on hand with directions to Quick Stop and RST Video.  We had already visited the stores the day before, but it's pretty cool that they have these available to help nerdy fans like me on their pilgrimage to New Jersey.