Oct 19, 2021

I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets
Burger King (2021)
The only fast food chain that seems to get into the Halloween spirit over the past few years is Burger King.  They came out with the Halloween Whopper in 2015, and the Nightmare King in 2018.  Hell, they even have a giant Frankenstein outside of their restaurant on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on Clifton Hill.

This year, the spooky menu item at Burger King is the Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets.  They have a bit of a zing to them, but most of the heat is in the aftertaste.  I ate the first one with no sauce, and while the heat was there, it wasn't so bad that I needed to drink something.  I dipped the rest of them in honey mustard sauce, which pretty much killed the spicy aftertaste.

They were pretty good, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, but if you're looking for something crazy spicy that you want to dare your friends to eat to see their reaction, this isn't what you're looking for.  I'll probably get 'em again before the month is over, after which I'll go back to dreaming that the old Burger King Chicken Tenders will one day make a comeback.