Feb 7, 2022

Belgian Waffle-aroo

Dunkaroos Pancake Kit, Sugar Cookie Mix and Vanilla Frosting
Betty Crocker (2022)
My original title for this entry was going to be "Betty Crocker is trying to kill me", but the last thing I want is a grouchy General Mills attorney failing to appreciate my lame attempts at humor.  My life may not be in jeopardy, but my diet certainly is with the sudden resurgence of the Dunkaroos brand.  At the start of 2021, I was excited to see that they brought them back as refrigerated cookie dough, but they've upped the ante this year with a pancake kit, sugar cookie mix, and a tub of frosting that I'm tempted to eat with a spoon.  I decided to be a good boy and stick to something that I could pass off as breakfast.

It might be a stretch to say that a breakfast that includes vanilla frosting and two different forms of rainbow sprinkles is a good idea for someone that's trying to lose weight, but breakfast is a meal, and pancakes are a breakfast food.  These are usually the kind of compromises that bring my diet to a crashing halt, but I'm only going to buy these once and I'm limiting myself to one a day.  However, I won't be having them as pancakes.

Thanks to the Belgian waffle iron, my breakfast has over a dozen little Dunkaroo frosting traps.  I rationalized to myself that this is acceptable behavior for an overweight man in his 40's because I wouldn't be using butter or maple syrup.

The disappointed look that Harvey is giving me has nothing to do with my bargain of trading butter and syrup calories for frosting and sprinkles.  He just wanted to have the waffle for himself.  Unfortunately for my little buddy, sugary waffles are not part of a complete breakfast for Schnoodles, so he had to settle for a Beggin Strip.  Clearly, we are both living our best life.

As for the waffle itself, it wasn't bad, but I don't think I'd buy them again even after I've hit my target weight.  Dunkaroos are best enjoyed in cookie form.