Mar 17, 2022

Becoming A Nuggetarian For St. Patrick's Day

Reuben Bites
Cattlemen's Ranch (2022)
Between breakfast nuggets and all of the other miscellaneous air fryer foods in the freezer at the grocery store these days, I think it may be possible for someone to live their life as a nuggetarian.  It probably wouldn't be a very long life, but what the hell.  Who wants to live forever?

The best thing I've found from the nugget craze of the 20's are these Corned Beef Reuben Bites from Aldi.

They really need to start serving these at the bar, and the ballgame, and the drive-in, and everywhere else on the face of the earth for that matter.  They're freaking delicious!  I cleared out a shelf in my freezer just so I could stock up on these, but I was too late.  They're already out of stock at my local Aldi's, so I only got this one bag.  There's always next year.