Nov 29, 2022

My New Favorite T-Shirt

NL Champion t-shirt
Philadelphia Phillies (2022)
There's a lot of merchandise available to commemorate the Phillies incredible 2022 season, including quite a few different t-shirt designs.  I was hoping to find one that to replace my favorite Phillies shirt, which is a NL East Championship shirt that my dad gave to me during their playoff run in 2007.

I didn't expect to find one that was exactly the same, but the main things I was looking for was for a championship shirt that had the team's playoff roster listed on the back.  The new one isn't red, but it's not too shabby.  Hopefully I can get as many years of wear from this year's championship shirt as I did from the 2007 one... and I'm even more hopeful that 2022 will be the start of a successful run for the Fightins as 2007 was.