Dec 4, 2022

Drinking A Holiday Doorstop

Fruit Quake
Mountain Dew (2022)
Last yearMountain Dew released a Gingerbread flavored soda for the holiday season.  They followed it up in 2022 with a flavor inspired by a Christmas fruitcake.

The label shows a monster truck with fruitcake wheels and a sack full of presents flying off of the back, and a little green elf in sunglasses in the passenger seat.  Eagle-eyed soda drinkers will spot a subtle dig that Mountain Dew's parent company is taking at Coca-Cola with what appears to be a Coca-Cola Christmas Polar Bear attached to the radiator grille.

Fruit Quake may be my favorite limited edition soda that Mountain Dew has ever released, including any of the Baja or Voo Dew flavors.  Unfortunately, there's no zero sugar variation, so my festive holiday Dew is going to have to be limited to a single 20 oz bottle, but I'm hoping that they bring this one back next year.