Jan 8, 2023

Back To The Electric City Aquarium

Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den
The Marketplace at Steamtown - Scranton, PA
We first visited this aquarium about a year and a half ago just as many of the businesses in our area were starting to open up again.  It's not as big as the aquariums in Camden and Baltimore, but it's very nice and it's a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, so we took another trip up to Scranton.

When I was a high school freshman in South Florida, they brought representatives from colleges in the area to discuss their various programs and opportunities with us.  I remember telling them that I wanted to study marine biology when they asked.  It wasn't what I ended up studying in college, but when I look back on my life, I wish that I had.  I don't really understand human beings in general and most of them don't get me either, but I've always felt at peace around plants and animals and I think I might have been more productive if I pursued an education and career working with them.  Things didn't work out that way, but I'm thankful to be able to visit places like this.

Here are some pictures of the animals that I didn't take a picture of last time:

Curl-Crested Aracari
Screaming Hairy Armadillo
He didn't do any screaming when I was there, but he sure was moving like a bat out of hell running back and forth in his habitat.
On a side note, Screaming Hairy Armadillo would make a great name for a musician.

Helmeted Iguana

Alligator Snapping Turtle
I posted photos of this guy last time too, but he was my favorite animal then and he's still my favorite now.

There was a very nice shark tank and a nursery of baby sharks at the aquarium.

There's quite a lot of fish and other aquatic life in the tanks.  I don't remember the names of all of the different species, but here are some of the sea creatures that call the Electric City Aquarium home.

This place is a treasure.  The staff are wonderful and take excellent care of the animals, and they have opportunities for feeding and socializing sessions.  If you live within driving distance of Scranton and have any interest in a fun and peaceful afternoon, check them out.