Jul 19, 2023

The Slatington Marketplace

The Slatington Marketplace
Route 873 - Slatington, PA
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One of my favorite stores that I've ever been to was an antique mall in Frackville called Black Diamond.  Even when we were flat broke, we could spend an entire afternoon walking around this place and seeing all of the vintage goodies that were available.  Unfortunately, they closed seven years ago, and the mall where the store was located closed and was torn down not too long afterward.  I'm happy to say that The Slatington Marketplace is the closest thing to Black Diamond that I've ever been to ever since.

In fact, The Slatington Marketplace may be even better than Black Diamond.  It's much larger and the prices seem to be more reasonable (especially when you consider inflation).  The only downside is that the lack of air conditioning throughout most of the facility makes this a place that I'll be visiting a lot more often in the fall and winter.

In addition to being an antiques mall, The Slatington Marketplace has a good sized events center.  They were holding a PPW Wrestling show on the night that we went, with a special guest appearance by The Rock N' Roll Express.  I would have stayed for the show if I knew about this ahead of time, but we had plans that night.

There's also a full food court with two bars and an awesome poke restaurant, a farmers market with fresh fruit and veggies, and a few butcher shops, including this AK Farms shop.  I'm not sure which was more disturbingly amusing: the cartoon pig logo which seems to be beckoning you to its rear end, or their Sir Mix-a-Lot inspired slogan.

As you can see, I went a little crazy taking pictures in this place, and I'm going to share more of them in the days and weeks ahead, so if you like looking and pictures of old random crap, you've come to the right place.